Interactive, Online Video Case Studies with Top Executives & Academics

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Core features:

  • Real dilemmas faced by real business leaders
  • Case studies with practitioner and academic perspectives
  • Assessment to measure learning
  • Interactive environment
  • Ideal for corporate training and compliance
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Case Study Modules:


Speaking Truth to Power:

When speaking out against a superior in order to support an overarching ethical code


Cultural Differences:

When the ethical practices of one’s native culture conflict with the ethical practices of the culture where one is working


Loyalty vs. Fairness:

When enforcing fairness and justice conflicts with prioritizing the well-being of one’s close social circle


Profit Maximization vs. Social Responsibility:

When making the highest profit conflicts with doing what benefits society at large


Conflicts of Interest:

When one’s involvement in a particular interest corrupts the course of action take to support that interest



When doing what is best for one’s business involves discriminating against or excluding persons from a particular race, gender, ethnicity, or background


Professional Duty vs. Personal Ethics:

When the obligations of one’s job conflict with one’s personal values

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